Wind Hearse "Trident" 10"

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'Wind Hearse are one of the best Russian black metal bands from the 90s, and barely anyone outside of Russia is familiar with their obscure name. Wind Hearse recorded their first demo “Trident” in 1996 and it was never officially distributed.

The sound of this recording is perfectly reminiscent of late 90s black metal, if not quite prescient of what was to come - it fits in with that blood thirsty pack of bands on the lowest rung of the underground in 1999, similar to Old Wainds, Katharsis, Svest, Deathspell Omega, Altar of Perversion, etc. Here it is presented in all it’s stygian glory - remastered for vinyl 10” at 45 rpm with ample space to emanate it’s overwhelming and diabolical aroma.

We live in an era when history is constantly rearranging itself - a malleable form which still constructs itself in real time, and here we are - one molecule closer to the truth.' -label