Trollheim "Im Heidenwald Elfgards & Ensomhet" CD

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“Im Heidenwald Elfgards & Ensomhet” collects the two tape releases by Trollheim, an electronic music project by the Black Son of Darkness of Grausamkeit. Originally released in 1999 and 2000, these recordings are a trek through the darkest parts of the soul. The CD consists of two extended tracks of sweeping, ancient synth meditations that pull the listener deeply inward, occasionally exploding with BSOD’s gloriously idiosyncratic melodic flourishes, followed by a collection of shorter pieces featuring distorted synth and drum machine-driven medieval hymns that invoke the pain and ecstasy of herbal psycho-sorcery and non-ordinary reality.

All audio for this CD was sourced from the original master tapes, with enhancement by C. Thompson, providing for the highest quality versions of these recordings possible.  Additionally it has been professionally mastered for CD. The layout has been revamped to fit to the format, adhering to the original aesthetic of the original tape releases.


No sales of this CD to Europe until the Covid hysteria ends.  Later copies will be available from Narbentage, Dominance of Darkness, Darker Than Black and other distributors.





Released by CW Productions (CW19)