Thyabhorrent / Abhorrent "Occultus Brujeria" LP

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Norwegian death/thrash metal, mainly known for their 1991 7" on Seraphic Decay and for the fact that their vocalist was briefly a member of Mayhem.  Now all of their demo, EP and live tracks have been compiled and released on vinyl to finally mark their place in Norwegian metal history.  Members were also in Perdition Hearse.

  • First press of 500 copies on 160 gram vinyl
  • Gatefold jacket
  • 12" insert
  • Tracks 1-4: Occultus Brujeria Demo 1990
  • Track 5: Rehearsal September 15th 1990
  • Track 6-13: Live Furuheim January 17th 1990
  • Track 14: Rehearsal September 15th 1990

'Abhorrent formed in Sarpsborg, Norway in 1989, during a period in which the now-famous black metal scene was developing in the same area. The most renowned of its founding members was Stian "Occultus" Johansen, who has also been active in Perdition Hearse and co-founded the infamous Helvete record store in Oslo with Øystein "Euronymous" Aarseth (of Mayhem notoriety) and Geir "Thrasher" Bratteli. In fact, Occultus was also briefly an official member of Mayhem following Dead's untimely demise. Abhorrent recorded one live and one studio demo in 1990 before adopting the moniker of Thyabhorrent for an EP and another demo in 1991. Their music reflected the transitional nature of the moment and location, as the more traditional form of death metal assumed an increasingly evil nature, while black metal was taking hold of the Norwegian underground. "Occultus Brujeria" documents this obscure entity's existence as a compilation of the band's "Occultus Brujeria" demo, which also includes the same three recorded tracks from its "Death Rides at Dawn" 7", and some additional bonus tracks. Given that these recordings have not been officially available for well over two decades, "Occultus Brujeria" is an overdue reissue that is sure to satiate all appetites for early Norwegian extreme metal.' -label