Strattson "Ouf Metal" LP

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Wild and strange French heavy metal, first time vinyl reissue of their sole album from 1985. With bonus tracks.  Limited to 200 copies.

'A brilliant showcase of flawless French metal from the 80's!

STRATTSON were one of those bands that had everything to rule the scene but due to various circumstances they only got to release one LP, the classic "Ouf Metal" album, a single and a few demos.

With the help of Alain Ricard, Laurent Ramadier, J.C. Stratt and the band former manager Jean Bousson we secured a deal to officially re-release their reputed debut album on vinyl featuring two exclusive bonus songs. The amazing "Eclipse" from their first demo and "Safe Road" from a later session. The LP will also feature lyrics, a huge interview that Laurent Ramadier did with them for SNAKEPIT magazine and crystal clear remastered sound.

Those were the days when French heavy metal ruled!' -label

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