Scrying Glass "Wyrmhole" tape

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Fantasy adventure music.  Proggy synth music inspired by Jack Vance novels and PC video game soundtracks.  Second release by this project, once again featuring paperback style retro artwork.

“So went the days, and the caravan crept northward, under the slate-dark skies of Tschai. Twice thunderstorms shattered the afternoon, but for the most part the weather was even. They passed through a dark forest, and the next day followed an ancient causeway across a vast black quagmire covered with bubble-plant and bubble-insects simulating the bubble-plants. The quagmire was the habitat of many fascinating creatures: wingless frog-sized things which propelled themselves through the air by a vibration of fan-like tails; larger creatures, half-spider, half-bat, which, anchoring by means of an exuded thread, rode the breeze on extended wings like a kite.”

City of the Chasch
Jack Vance




Dungeons Deep