Sadistic Force "Aces Wild" tape

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US black/thrash metal.  Pro tapes with silver imprint and wraparound U-card insert w/ lyrics. 

"In a metal scene that has reeked of hipsters and soulless efforts for over 2 decades now I have just one thing to say… This album is the best US release in more than twenty years!!
It is so jam-packed with the right stuff, and draws so brilliantly on the influences from the best of N.W.O.B.H.M. and the early days of Thrash Metal that it just continuously pushes all the right buttons through the whole thing. Metal as føkk with the right amount of dirty untamed energy, so very much lacking in this scene.
666 eyes on the dice, and in my eyes, the absolute heir of the old Black Thrash torch."- S.A. Destroyer (Nocturnal Breed)





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