Pest "Buried" LP

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Final album from one of the best German black metal bands.  2nd press on blue vinyl.  Great album.


'This is Pest as you know and will remember them. Maniacal riffs, mad song writing and hysterical vocals. This became the final album from Pest, but it still has the typical Pest sound from beginning to end. A furious album with total morbid atmosphere coming from the other side; original European black metal that does not sound like Burzum or Darkthrone.

Originally released on CD by Ketzer Records in 2014, a vinyl edition was long overdue. The sound is optimized for the vinyl format, making sure the album has never sounded as good as this LP.

But the Pest era came to a very sudden end when drummer Mrok died shortly after the last two concerts. This album was recorded in the bands’ rehearsal room and a few weeks before his passing.' -label


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