Odal "Zornes Heimat (Rohmix)" LP

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Limited to 200 copies on black vinyl with insert.

Recorded from February to March 2008. Mixed in April 2008.

"The recording captured on this release is the genuine 2008 rough mix of the “Zornes Heimat” album. It represents an archaic version of this full-length that waives the basslines which had not been written nor recorded by Wolfhetan yet, as well as the audial comfortability of a professional studio mix for which Blue House Studio did an excellent job back then.

Since its creation in 1999 ODAL not only accompanied many different phases in my life, but constantly chronicled many sincere reflections of my inner self on each release. As does this raw mix that represents a special period in the band’s history, full of emotion, force, commitment and devotion.

It is not the question here which version of the album you prefer. To Grroll and me these raw recordings are a nostalgic glance at these times, a mournful longing for the fierce and passionate enthusiasm encapsulated therein. While “Zornes Heimat” as it has been released twelve years ago represents the elaborated and proud arrival at the end of a journey on old and obscure paths through the mystic darkness of nature, this initial rough mix stands for the aggressive, wild and unsettled moments of departure.

This release is dedicated to all who have supported ODAL throughout these decades of wrath." -Taaken/ODAL





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