Militia "Regiments of Death / No Submission" LP

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Cult Texas heavy metal, compiles demo and rehearsal tracks from 1984-1986, showing their early raw heavy metal roots and transition to more a technical sound, later culminating in the classic EP "The Sybling".  For fans of SA Slayer, Watchtower, etc.  Comes with huge booklet.


  • First press of 500 copies
  • Gatefold jacket printed on silver foil paper with special UV printing 
  • 44 page A4 booklet packed with archival photos, lyrics, biography, flyers, and other old content
  • Tracks 1-3: Regiments of Death Demo 1985
  • Track 4: Regiments of Death outtake completed in 2008
  • Track 5: 2nd or 3rd rehearsal 1984
  • Tracks 6-7: No Submission Demo 1986
  • Tracks 8-9: Live 1986



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