Messiah "Going Insane" LP

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One of the holy grails of US heavy metal reissued on vinyl for the first time.  This LP contains Messiah's the five tracks from the 1985 12" EP as well as three demo tracks from 1979.  Unique and inspiring Christian heavy metal, the original album is a higly sought after rarity, that sells for well over $1000.  Also includes a bio covering the band's story and their leader's strange spiritual journey.

'MESSIAH's last release, is an EP that succeeded their classic album "Final Warning" and is another amazing Christian metal release. The original EP that was released on vinyl back in 1985, is most likely the rarest Christian metal album of all time with only a handful of collectors owning a copy. Thanks to the Christian metal guru, Matthew Hunt and his great label Retroactive records that originally reissued this classic on CD ten years ago, we were given the license to reproduce the album on vinyl in three different colors, in a limited to 500 units reissue. The vinyl comes with three bonus songs, which are taken from the demo '79 of the band. The vinyl also comes with a special insert that features detailed band story, song lyrics and a foreword by the Retroactive boss, Matt. Get ready for one of the most breathtaking Christian metal releases of all time.' -label




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