Lucifugum "Anaphora Lithu Actinism" CD

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Latest album from unrelenting Ukrainian trend-free black metal maniacs.  

3 panel digipack sleeve CD with 12 pages booklet.

'26 years on the Damned Path. Far away from trends, hype and other human shit.

A self-sufficient Art that does not aspire to conquer the listener. The Art that creates criteria unreachable for the masses. The formation intendly doesn't have accounts in the social networks.
A flaming spear of arrogance and loneliness over the world of spiritual poverty and mass imitation. Rejection of any authorities in the musical establishment.
Here is not the popular "in the vein of..., influenced by..., for fans of...". This canvas has been woven from aspirations of two egoistic individuums which understand their destination during the temporary staying in this world.' -label