Lordian Winds "Demo 1986" LP

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Highly recommended, imagine Warlord/Lordian Guard reframed as a medieval folk project.

Red vinyl.


'On Lordian Winds I soar across the Stygian Passage...

William J Tsamis is one of the most talented heavy metal musicians. In his early years, he was influenced by bands like Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Scorpions, UFO and Rush, and he was practising on guitar by a very young age. Music was in his blood, so he moved to LA in the age of 18 and along with Mark Zonder (drums) they formed Warlord. More or less, the story of Warlord is known and in the first half of the 80s their legacy can be found in 'Deliver Us' and 'And The Cannons Of Destruction Have Begun...' where they deliver unique lyrical epic heavy metal. 

When Warlord fell into oblivion in 1985 because of a lot of circumstances, William was already playing classical guitar and thinking of going into a different form of music. When he started moving in a classical direction, he took the risk to work with a classical producer who had this idea of a grand epic story, so William came up with 'My Name Is Man'. 

William said about it: "It would be like '2112' but hopefully transferred to film since I had some connections in the film industry at the time. It's a story about everyman, represented by one man. His story is everyman's story. At first, he is created and life is beautiful ('My Name is Man'). Then he is taken up to another realm to be shown the future ('Stygian Passage') and warned that two forces will fight for his allegiance. While he finds himself asleep on a sandy beach, there is a terrific 'War in Heaven' taking place. Lucifer is cast out of heaven and the Man on the sandy beach hears some beautiful choral voices coming from a cave. He decides to go toward the sound and enters into the cave. It is the song 'Lost Archangel'. The cave is full of beautiful creatures, including Lucifer, and caverns full of tempting riches. The Man decides to give his allegiance to this being Lucifer and he is given civilizations and riches. 'The Rise and Fall of Civilization' is kind of a montage of Man building and destroying civilizations and leaving a path of ruin and destruction in his path. Somewhere in the middle of the story there is redemption."

The story would continue and end with the song 'Revelation XIX' and the Lordian Winds demos are actually the rough cuts of this project. William wrote about 75 minutes worth of music on staff paper for an orchestra and had meetings with the producer and conductor. "Everything was fine", said William, "but the producer told me that it sounded too catholic"... William was thinking big, like Michaelangelo, Milton and the great epic artists of history, so when the producer told him that, he felt defeated. "Some of the greatest art was catholic", William replied, but the producer just didn't think it was popular enough. After all this work put into that and it just felt apart, William got sick of the whole music industry.

'My Name Is Man', 'Stygian Passage', 'Dark Civilization' and 'In The Name Of God' are the rough cuts of the 'My Name Is Man' project that was recorded in an 8-track studio with William J Tsamis on guitars and keyboards, Rick Anderson on vocals (who actually was Damien King III for Warlord) and also Dave Watry on bass. The project lasted just for few months during 1985-1986 and in 1987, William moved to Florida and decided to go to university to study philospophy and theology, soon to become a college professor, Christian academic and thinker. Parts, ideas and songs of this project were later used in the Lordian Guard albums.'  --Written by Andreas Andreou


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