Killerhawk "Shadows from the Past" LP

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Outstanding Swedish heavy metal demos reissued for the first time.  Totally obscure and excellent material, one track appeared on the cult Swedish Knights comp over 20 years ago.  Limited to 215 copies.

'Hailing from Karlshamn, Sweden, KILLERHAWK were among the first wave of Swedish metal bands that were active in the early 80's and released two cult demos featuring the distinctive vocals of Monika Karlsson. Thanks to Janne Stark (who will be also handling the remastering and layout design of the reissue), we are given the opportunity to release a complete collection of all the songs KILLERHAWK ever wrote. So if you like GOTHAM CITY, MISTRESS, ONYX, SCRATCH, SACRIFICE etc get ready to experience a journey to classic 80's steel and be exposed to the magic of those bygone times.

Deluxe 350gsm sleeve, 180gr vinyl, 4 page insert including lyrics, story of the band, tons of rare photos and black polylined inner sleeve.' -label

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