Kiira "Iättömän sanat" CD

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Finnish black metal, second album, digipak CD.

"Purely sinister Black Metal

This album concludes the work which started with the album Tulkoon Yö – Talviyö, wherein Bláinn was approached; herein, Iättömän Sanat, the numinous essence of Aurgelmir is called forth as Brimir. This manifestation of the ageless þurs is acknowledged as the raging first wave, Furistaz Wegaz, which has risen from the endless depths of the primordial sea. Brimir embodies the blood of Aurgelmir, which is predetermined to flood every realm that has been forced into existence by the gods and men alike, and thus is seen poisonous by the cosmic forces.

Iättömän Sanat’s songs conjures an invocation based on old Finnish customs, whereas its mythical and its spiritual perspective are based on archaic Germanic and Finnic esoteric traditions. At first, the presence of the conjurer’s birth, synty and nature, luonto are acknowledged. These are the two aspects of a spirit which can be regarded as one’s higher-self, and a medium between the different realms of existence. Mythical events are understood using the underlying knowledge of the spirit. Upon the waves of Sarajas, the primordial sea, and the core essence of Brimir, rides the demiurge who gets cast into the waves by being struck by a fiery arrow. He is the conjurer’s mythical archetype, who is guided by the currents of Elivágár. The great dragon of Náströnd appears in the night sky, and black waves carries him to the shores of Pohjola. Pohjola is a pre-cosmic realm, where the oldest of beings were born, and it is also the realm of death and esoteric knowledge, which are the attributes that must be mastered in order to descend or ascend from this realm of unlife. Väinämöinen undergoes the process of a spiritual metamorphosis and reaches the words of power from the sources in the underworld, thus revealing the path of hidden knowledge, and the birth of conjurer’s true self. With these words, the iron stallion has been harnessed to stride forth through fiery rapids and a boat has been prepared to sail beyond the nine seas.

Iättömän Sanat echoes the birth of the power which ultimately lies in the Ginnungagap and is manifested by the blood that was shed when the Old One fell. During the hour of the microcosmic aspect of Ragnarök, eleven rivers are called from the netherworld and beyond to set the sword of Surtr ablaze, to kindle the irradiating light of Loki and to reflect the all-piercing wisdom of Loveatar.

May the old waters of the shoreless sea storm through the worlds, revealing the path towards the end of time.





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