Insaner "Ignorancia Y Decadencia" 7"

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"PUTRESCENSE RECORDS is proud announce the third release of my small label. INSANER "IGNORANCIA Y DECADENCIA" DEMO REH finally on 7'' vinyl. INSANER was a band that started around 1986 playing some filthy thrash crossover influenced by bands such as cryptic slaughter but after a couple of years of touring and with a couple of line up changes they settled on a more thrash death oriented vision of how the band should be this time influenced by bands such as holocausto, mutilator , slaughter lord (australia). this is their 1988 demo reh with 4 tracks of violent piercing hell death thrash infernal death madness. the band broke up in 1989 and then some of their member went on to different bands such as MORTEM, PULVERIZED NECRO BRAIN etc etc....this is for fans of the classic southamerican thrash death metal sound and attitude... this 7'' black vinyl comes with pro printed jacket, pro printed insert and center labels which have the same picture as the jacket. a really good lookin production if i may say so..." -label

Total Peruvian madness. Demo and rehearsal tracks from 1988 and 1989 for the first time on vinyl, great rehearsal sound.  Last copy!


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