Grizelda "War Held in Motion" tape

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Six song tape of idiosyncratic and nobly melodic black metal.  Second release from Grizelda, this tape focuses on another aspect of the band than the debut demo.  Specifically, it was recorded by the briefly existing live lineup (consisting of Citrinitas on guitar and vocals and a session drummer) that played a handful of shows with Cirrhus, Hellvetron, Irkallian Oracle, Human Agony and others.  This iteration of Grizelda played several originals and a few Nefaria songs and features a more stripped down sound that focuses on the intricate guitar playing.  Recorded March 2019.


Its worth noting that the debut LP of Grizelda titled "Axial Affinity" is now recorded and will be released by CW Productions; the forthcoming album features entirely new material than what is on this tape.



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