Grandma's Catacombs "Grandma's Catacombs" LP

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"If you like DEVIL DOLL, the KING DIAMOND spooky synth parts in monster albums like THEM & CONSPIRACY or in general Halloween season/nightmarish music, you might love this project!

Welcome to Grandma's House; Grandma's Catacombs.

With Grandma's Catacombs debut self-titled release comes an auditory experience that is eerie, humorous and, at times, macabre. Gone are the cookies and milk and, in their place, bone biscuits, blood soup and a wriggling, writhing, upsetting host of creepy-crawlies. There was always something strange about visiting Grandma...

- Comes in a deluxe 12" Sleeve
- 180gr "Spilt Milk" splatter on black vinyl
- Limited to 150 copies" -label



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