Grand Mood "The Trench Between Black and White" 12" EP

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"The name Grand Mood, as the first cassette EP stated, is not in reference to a positive state of mind or a 'good' mood. The Mood is the collective headspace, the psychic pool, shared by humanity and possibly other creatures. Grand in this case means sweeping and all-encompassing. It is my belief that this Grand Mood is something that can be tapped into for a variety of reasons, be it for greater awareness and inspiration or something ugly, low, and self-serving. It gives me inspiration but it also reinforces my hatred and reminds me of the limitations of life.

Occult phenomena existed long before there were words and symbols to describe them, so to use someone else's words and imagery because it is 'traditional' or 'orthodox' is not creative and thus has no relationship to me as an individual. With this music and art we are not trying to create ideas and symbols for others to use, either. It is simply our interpretation of ideas as we have experienced them; the interpretations and experiences of others are of no consequence to us. This is ours, nothing more and nothing less.

The earlier 'Final Urge to March' cassette EP was recorded in California in summer of 2007 without pretense. I was inspired to write these songs after years of discussion with fellow members of Furdidurke and Eunuch, as well as the members of Bone Awl. The music and lyrics simply materialized. We from Furdidurke played guitars while Bone Awl members played drums and engineered the recording.

This second session was originally recorded on reel-to-reel in Washington state a few months later, January 2008, with the music being the natural continuation of the first session. The negativity that comprises so much of the Mood was already setting in and due to various circumstances the recording was not able to be released until now. 'Final Urge to March' was the first and 'The Trench Between Black and White' is the second and last. There is nothing else before, between, or after this in the lifespan of Grand Mood.

Musically, Grand Mood was inspired by ourselves and 90s No Colours Records, little else. Cold, hateful vocals over unique melodies and anthemic rhythms. 'The Trench Between Black and White' is the lifting of the psychic sword overhead, held in a statue-esque freeze, a look of wide-eyed mania on our faces... begging you, just begging, for you to put your head underneath our blade. Will we ever swing it?" - BC 6/1/2016

'It has the scent of a dog
The grip of a man
And the fate of a God'

Black vinyl, professionally printed jackets, two inserts. Limited edition.


Released by CW Productions (CW17)