GLA "Private Recordings 2006-2008" tape

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Pro-tape with pro-cover, limited edition.  Officially distributed by CW Productions.

"GLA, an acronym that remains undisclosed, was based in Washington and began in 2005, with recording sessions shared informally in private. The A side of this cassette includes a three-song demo from 2006 as well as a rehearsal track, while the B side includes three songs recorded between 2007 and 2008. Both sides are stripped down, fundamentalist black metal that covers different ground, with the A side showing obvious Ildjarn influence in its own memorable way and the B side sounding like a long-lost primitive melodic black metal demo, which is exactly what it is. This side project was one individual's celebration of natural black metal, nothing more and absolutely nothing less, and time has made it relevant for release. The performance is filled with a ferocious purpose from beginning to end."





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