Gauntlet Ring "The Howling Call Of The Moon" CD

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US black metal, reissue of early demos on CD.

"The Howling Call of the Moon compiles the first three demos of Gauntlet Ring: Darkness Solace, Triumph of the Lost Soul, and Black Moon, all of which were created and distributed in 2020 by Taurus as means of passing along these cold and hateful expressions to a very small circle of contacts. As Mercenary did not join Gauntlet Ring until the release of their next demo, As Far As Light Will Die, one will find these demo recordings to be primordial in nature, utilizing drum programming instead of live drums along with an absence of bass. While embryonic in comparison to what the band has become both in terms of songwriting and recording, The Howling Call of the Moon still showcases perhaps the purest expression of Gauntlet Ring." -label



Blood and Crescent