Furdidurke "November 2005" Rehearsal 10"

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Recorded live in November 2005 and released in different self-released editions in the years to follow, this rehearsal demo includes different versions of the songs that appear on the Bone Awl split and the Furdidurke demo, having been recorded between the two, and features only guitar, vocals, and drums. Some aspects of the sound are preferred by the band, with the recording having more space, ethereal guitar, and higher-pitched screams. Powerful melodic ideas set the prideful black metal tone for an expression that sounds like a disturbed prince leaving his palace to terrorize peasants in the wooded countryside. It is a young beast free of trends, friends, and loose-ends. It is perfect for the 10-inch format. An accompanying 12x18 poster is also included, with artwork by guitarist Bilious Pious and text by vocalist Bizarre Culprit, detailing an early manifesto of the band's philosophy that appeared in select copies of "Fall to Your Knees Pissing" 'zine #5. Furdidurke always was and is for itself.


Released by CW Productions (CW13)