Dödfödd "Besvärjelse För Omvänd Rekreation" LP

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Swedish black metal, vinyl version of 2002 demo.  Limited to 333 copies.  Pre-Reverorum ib Malacht.


'Originally released in 2002 by Orderless Evil Productions, this would be considered to be the demo that put the band on the international map.

Demo #3 (technically their 4th release), was recorded in Borlänge, Sweden, and no synthesizers were used on this recording, it must be stressed.

Before Emil Lundin(Atum) went on to perform with Ofermod (Pentagrammaton most prominently) and before there was Reverorum ib Malacht, this demented Black Metal classic still has a few characteristics that would later rise to the surface in more pronounced ways. This has a strong resemblance to the first Manes demos with a distant and cold sound, if one had to compare it to something more "well-known".' -label



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