Demon Eyes "Garde à vue" LP

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French heavy metal, reissue of second album from 1987 with a bonus track.  Limited to 275 copies.

'Finally after 37 (!) years since its original release on vinyl, the second album of the French heavy metallers DEMON EYES by the title "Garde A Vue" will finally be released on vinyl. The inner sleeve will also feature lyrics of all songs, plus a big interview conducted by none other than Laurent Ramadier (originally appears on SNAKEPIT magazine) and tons of photos from the old days. This is a must have metallic mayhem that simply no fan of old school French heavy metal can miss. Up there with SORTILEGE, BLASPHEME etc.

Deluxe 350gsm sleeve, 180gr vinyl, 2 page insert including lyrics, interview, tons of rare photos and black polylined inner sleeve.' -label

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