Darvulia "Acte Dix: Démos" LP

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For those who dwelled in the '90s black metal underground and intrepidly moved into the new millennium knowing that foul changes were afoot, all contrary to notions of true "black metal" being supposedly "dead" at the time due to its progenitors breaking up or (mostly) moving on to careerist aspirations, DARVULIA should need no introduction. However, considering the band formed in 1999 and went to the grave 16 years later, perhaps a refresher is in order...

DARVULIA hailed from the esteemed French black metal underground - and by "French," we mean the lineage that started with the Black Legions and then carried forward with the likes of Osculum Infame, Blessed in Sin, Funeral, Bekhira, Seigneur Voland, Hirilorn, Winter Funeral, and very early Seth - that would blossom into something else entirely as that new millennium went on. Old souls from the start, DARVULIA honorably maintained the ripped-raw sickliness of the Black Legions with the more medieval atmosphere of that second generation, in effect keeping the flame burning for both distinctly French paradigms. Their infamy in the underground largely hinged upon their albums, starting with 2002's L'Ombre malicieuse (on the supremely cult D.U.K.E. label) and then 2005's L'Alliance des venins and 2010's Mysticisme macabre. As can be surmised by that chronology, DARVULIA patiently parceled out their creations, prizing quality over quantity, and not once misstepped during their existence.

It can be successfully argued that DARVULIA's full-lengths portray the band at their most developed - or, conservatively speaking, at their most professionally recorded - but where the stench of true black metal is at its foulest is generally a band's demos, and the same can be said for DARVULIA. Thus, NEBULAR CARCOMA is devilishly pleased to compile the DARVULIA demos Shabattu, danse lunaire (2001) and L'odeur du corbeau mort (2002) plus an unreleased Darkthrone cover ("The Dance of Eternal Shadows") onto a full-length vinyl LP, hereby titled Acte Dix: Démos. This collection displays DARVULIA at their rawest and most unadorned, yet within such a seemingly hideous soundscape does a remarkable sense of refinement exist. Even this early on, these French vampires maintained a uniquely malaised sense of melody, owing in part to the diseased groundwork laid by Mütiilation (certainly not a secret influence: just look at the cover of L'odeur du corbeau mort), but arguably more drugged-out and delirious than their not-inconsiderable forebears. Of course, there existed within DARVULIA's world a perverted sense of vampirism, much like there was during the days of the Black Legions, that was far, far away from the circus "black metal" created by certain top-hatted clowns. But, within the rosy glow of context, we can justifiably assert DARVULIA's vampiric black metal here is as pure and proud as it comes. As time inevitably moves on and the past becomes a distant memory, rekindled torches need to shine light on the darkest corridors of that past. As such, NEBULAR CARCOMA is exhuming the corpse of DARVULIA and reanimating their black-leather wings with this noble vinyl edition of Acte Dix: Démos.


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