Dan Jefferies' Century "Century" LP

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Reissue of incredible Canadian private press prog/hard rock underground classic.  Originally released in 1985, this is the first time its been available on vinyl in 35 years.  Strongly reminiscent of 70s Rush.  Limited to 200 copies on black vinyl.  Includes lyrics and band bio.  

Great release, highly recommended.

"This cult '80s Canadian band finally re-released on vinyl! An excellent opportunity to get this rare classic. Released in 1985, CENTURY represents a perfect example of a successful mix between heavy metal, hard rock, prog and AOR. The original edition is among the rarest in what Canadian metal is concerned, with copies being sold for more than 200 EUR! This version brings the final mix of the album, conducted after the actual vinyl release in 1985. The sound is improved and represents the initial concept Dan Jefferies desired for the album. More than reasons to not miss this opportunity to add this extraordinary album to your collection." -label



Lost Realm Records

Lost Realm Records