Cthulhu Through Amplification #1 zine

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Newly published metal zine from Ireland, first issue.  From the creator of Existentiell.  Features an interview with Cirrhus, answered by Bizarre Culprit and CW in 2019.  80 pages, A5 format.  Xeroxed with hand stitched binding.


Includes interviews with the following:

Absolute Key (Fin)
Aethyrick (Fin)
Arcane Voidsplitter (Bel)
Lyle Blackburn (US)
Cirrhus (US)
Colossloth (UK)
Deadwood / V : XII (Swe)
Exist (US)
Gourd (Ire)
Hellwitch (US)
Nocturnus AD (US)
Pando (US)
Phlegein (Fin)
Tunnels of Āh (UK)