Cirrhus "Identical Hallways" tape

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“Identical Hallways” contains early versions of songs from the upcoming LP entitled “Unimpeachable Madness”, to be released by CW Productions. Captured during a time of transition for the band, this previously unreleased session from the fall of 2011 was pulled from our archives to mark the 10th anniversary of Cirrhus.

Cirrhus formed in the fall of 2007 during a time when Furdidurke had become dormant and in between the two sessions of Grand Mood. Cirrhus initially arose as a channel for the compositions of CW, with members Poisoner, Kinvig and Bizarre Culprit joining over time, each adding their own strong contributions and forming the first full incarnation of the band. This tape represents the end of that phase of the band, marked by lineup changes after the recording of the first LP. It is also the beginning of the next era, with new songs being recorded during this session for the first time. One of the constant themes of Cirrhus since the beginning has the been the exploration of the infinitesimal, the occult regions beyond the range of normal existence and the hidden sounds revealed between notes. This recording reflects that in its “microscopic” style sound and is a statement about both the past and future of Cirrhus.

Second press on professionally made cassette only, once again featuring inspired artwork by Bilious Pious. Initially we were not going to repress this tape but considering the sustained interest and demand for this tape it made sense to make it available again.

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Released by CW Productions (CW20)