Blind Illusion "The Likewise Sessions (Ultimate Anthology Vol 1)" DLP

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'Get ready for a unique piece of hard rock / metal history. Hard rock / heavy metal way ahead of its time by the Bay Area pioneers BLIND ILLUSION. These are their very first recordings remastered from the original master tapes, featuring a total of 14 songs, written at a time when the band members were averaging 16 years of age! Songs like "Kamakazi", "The Watcher", "Rockers Unite" and "Death Noise" will send shivers down your spine. This band could and should have been really huge, but the problem was that they have always been way ahead of their time. Imagine that the songs and lyrics were written in 1979 and there are lyrics like the following: "Early pop has got to die, Progressive Metal is my reply!". This must be the very first reference to "Progressive Metal" and this is coming from nearly 42 years ago! Crazy! This is the first volume of a series of upcoming reissues featuring all the unreleased and demo songs BLIND ILLUSION ever did!' -label

Black vinyl.  Comes in deluxe gatefold sleeve, with 180gr vinyl, 2 page insert, amazing remastered sound, extensive liner notes, lyrics, pictures and huge thanks list. Features the original iconic dot painting of Alvin Petty.



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