Bagatur "Сказание За Древнобългарското Величие" LP

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Found one copy of this out of print masterpiece in storage.

"CW Productions is proud to present, in cooperation with Darker Than Black, a vinyl edition of Bagatur’s glorious 2010 EP. Long sold out on tape and CD, this 24 minute LP of pagan black metal symphonic art conjures an atmosphere of ancient battle and long lost European honor. This is a perfect companion album to Aryan Art’s 2015 masterpiece 'Harmony Eternity Universe', both albums yield a similar epic yet introspective tone.

Musically Bagatur touches upon raw symphonic black metal in a style reminiscent of the old synth-driven cults of Parnassus and Kristallnacht. Band leader Alexander contributes percussion, synth and guitar while vocalist Yanga conveys the archaic spirit of Bulgarian history with powerful yet feminine shrieking and spoken word passages, as well as creating all artwork, providing a cohesive spiritual offering."

Black vinyl, professionally printed jackets, A4 lyric sheet. Limited edition.


CW Productions / DTB