Волчий Источник (Wolf's Source) "Ремиссия Духа" LP

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"Remission of Spirit".  Russian prison black metal.  Late classic of Russian black metal.

Review by Parabellum of Blackdeath:

'Indeed, this material is the embodiment of neophyte devotion and possession mixed with naivety. This can be heard in the music, the story goes like this too (they say, the artist had never heard of black metal at-large, he had met this genre in prison only). Some guitar riffs / passages are very harmonious, sink deep into the mind (especially in the songs "Dying Reality" and "Shadow Mystery"), however, in general the work gives the impression of chaos, typical, perhaps, for the early Latin American black metal. A drum machine that is programmed terribly — it taps riffs but not a rhythm — contributes greatly to this impression of chaos.

The recording itself is pretty good, especially considering the conditions in which it was done (the booklet says "Album Created Into The Conditions Of Imprisonment" — it was recorded at ФГУИК-52 [forced-labor camp of strict regime] on the eve of 2006). Obviously, this review without comment is not enough. Well, according to the information floating around the Runet, the only member of Wolf's Source (Волчий Источник in Russian) Alexander "Dancer" Tantsyrev was sentenced to 8 years in prison. Yes, for the murder. Don't know whom and for what. Tantsyrev was set free on parole for health reasons. He died in 2016 from the consequences of a stroke occurred back in 2010.

As a rule, there is nothing to review in raw Black Metal. You either admit it or you don't. You either listen to it or you don't. Therefore a few words about the most remarkable moments of this work. Pseudo-acoustic passages (the intro "Remission of Spirit", an insertion in the third song "Forgotten Memory of the Past", the fourth "March of Infinity", and an insertion again in the fifth "Shadow Mystery") are something between a Soviet blatnaya pesnya (criminals' song, search on Wikipedia for a "blatnaya pesnya") and the soundtracks for Quentin Tarantino's movies. At first these elements — without doubt, very original — displeased me but with second shot they started even to give me a kick. While the keyboards are very touching, although they also remind me of Soviet VIA (bands that were formally recognized by the Soviet government, welcome to Wikipedia again: "VIA music"), and in "Forgotten Memory of the Past" they sound as if were borrowed from the Soviet science fiction movie. Anyway the keyboards are very suitable for the common Wolf's Source sound.

The Dancer's manner of singing is unusual and a little funny. The worst vocals parts are in "Way of Solitude", and perhaps in "Eternal Witness". That's like a drunk man singing usually: carefully pronouncing words and hardly matching pitch. However, there is something in it. Touchingly (I was almost moved to tears). In the end, it is quite original.

Time stands still in prison. The past doesn't want to leave here. (That's why I used the word "Soviet" but not "Russian" by the way.) Be sure, the "Remission of Spirit" album is true "Black metal from prison", as the slogan in a tray window says.'