Dethroned "Christentod" 7"

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True Saarland black metal.  Dethroned was formed in 1995 out of the ashes of Mysticism, when guitarist/vocalist Barkayal joined with drummer Corneus (aka B.S.O.D.) to stand in opposition to the light of Christ and spread their own vision of blasphemy and hate.  After several demos throughout the mid 90s, the two core members entered Dampfross Schiffweiler studio to record a 7" EP, this time augmenting their raw Satanic black metal with synth and piano elaborations performed by Corneus in his usual high style.

The resulting EP was not released and only two of the songs were included on a live tape as bonus tracks.  Finally after more than 20 years the full three song EP has been resurrected on Easter 2020 in full glorious evil quality, featuring new Christ-perverting artwork created by current band member John Never.  Limited edition with professionally printed folder sleeve, all copies on black vinyl.




Released by CW Productions (CW26)