Cirrhus "Unimpeachable Madness" LP

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"These six songs of unique American black metal were played live and rehearsed for many years before receiving a relatively clear and up front recording still washed in hallucinatory shadows, with the music and lyrics being the culmination of the band members' individual darkness and entry into life as part of a silent yet intimidating universal force. Twin guitars playing dynamic black metal melodies with powerful bass and drum details, highlighted by shining keyboards and vocals from the deep philosophical abyss. Not intended as a concept album, though there is a consistency running through the album that became a story of opposition to common human experience, destructive rejection of the environment and nature, undefinable psychic perversions, and in the end a beautiful form of cosmic ascendancy and violent zen through the embrace of complete, unimpeachable madness."

Vinyl version of the second full length from Cirrhus. Black vinyl, full color jackets with two inserts and polylined inner sleeve. Different master than the CD edition, mastered specifically for vinyl, resulting in a slightly less compressed and more detailed sound. Lacquer mastered and pressed in the USA.


(Note: samples are sourced from the CD)

Released by CW Productions (CW18)